• What are the differences between the variants of Irish Spring bar soap?

    • Irish Spring® Original  The classic soap bar with an invigorating scent and rich lather helps keep you feeling fresh and clean as a whistle.
    • Irish Spring® Moisture Blast®  It is the first deodorant soap with HydroBeads® particles, natural emollients that instantly dissolve on your skin. The HydroBeads® combined with the unique bar formulation leave you with a terrific clean without that dry skin feel.
    • Irish Spring® Icy Blast®  Delivers a uniquely refreshing shower experience. Its crisp, cool scent leaves you smelling great and feeling refreshed and invigorated.
    • Irish Spring® Aloe  Designed to help your skin retain its natural moisture, leaving skin feeling healthy — not tight and dry.
    • Irish Spring® Deep Action Scrub  Uses scrubbing beads to deliver a deep, crisp clean.
    • Irish Spring® Pure Fresh This unique formula, crafted with charcoal, purifies by cleansing your skin.
  • How do soaps clean your skin?

    Soaps have the ability to loosen and remove dirt from a surface. Bar soaps are formulated for cleaning the hands, face and body. Depending on the ingredients, they may moisturize and/or inhibit odor-causing bacteria.

  • Is Irish Spring packaging environmentally friendly? 

    Irish Spring® bar soaps are packaged in 100 percent paperboard carton, 35 percent of which is post-consumer recycled content. All dyes used in this packaging are non-metal.

  • How does irish Spring's Odor Neutralizing Technology work?

    Irish Spring® body wash contains a unique, clinically-proven Odor Neutralizing Technology that provides 24 hours of long-lasting freshness. Unlike most brands that use fragrances to mask the odor, Irish Spring® products with Odor Neutralizing Technology actually neutralize and help eliminate odor at the source to provide a clean, long-lasting freshness.